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Bio Equi Gel with Arnica 16 oz

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    This fantastic product was originally designed for horses but has shown to be highly effective on all animals large and small and has been used worldwide.

    The formulation includes the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst, Bio Nano Silver as a natural preservative and healer, our Bio Gold containing 67 plant derived minerals and skin vitamins, A, D, & E, Aloe Vera, Comfrey Origanum Arnica and MSM.

    I have hundreds of stories over 34 years but let me tell ya a quick one here close to my heart.

    We had a fantabulous healing with Equi Gel when Razer back dogs attacked our Champion Arabian colt at about 3 years home from the trainers for a little R&R. The rip to the inside of his front leg was to the flesh and about 12 inches long 4 wide. The hide was gone! Now normally proud flesh would have formed.

    We sprayed first with Bio Water, then applied the Equi Gel and to 'cut to the chase here' no proud flesh formed, zipped it up and today 22 years later, no scar! He won his Legeon of Supreme Honor and is shown by teenagers all over the U.S. His name is Bhu Sabi and his daddy is the Arabian Stallion Bhu Don on our You Tube Bio Water video.

    I'm a tellin ya this Equi gel is one heck of a product and promotes quick action in repairing damage to skin, muscles, tendons, buck shins, splints, warts, rashes, scratches, insect bites, bruises, bumps, and hot spot skin irritations, torn muscles, tendons, buck shins, splints, warts, rashes, scratches, insect bites, bruises, bumps and hot spot skin irritations. We use it on the ranch for everything.

    Equi Gel is a must in combination with our Bio Stress Mist Mineral Spray for an even greater healing affect and hydrating the skin.

    For beautiful skin and hair around your animals eyes, rub Equi Gel with a circular motion, and then lightly spray our Bio Stress Mineral Mist Spray. You will notice the calming effect it has on your animals. To control hair loss, rub Equi Gel in liberally, and then spray with our Bio Stress Mineral Mist Spray.

    Ellen Wilfley 2016