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The human body requires Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Minerals for survival. Hydrogen is the cell builder, Oxygen is the cell cleanser, and the minerals are the cell energizers. The body can produce vitamins and amino acids, but the body cannot product its own minerals. The body needs a constant supply of minerals the the products offered by Bio Water help provide this supply of cellular energy to lead a healthy life. Bio Gold in combination with the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst in liquid form are 64 ancient plant derived minerals for easy absorption into the blood stream giving the body, high ph, high dissolved oxygen, electrolytes, and great hydration for the body to run more efficiently. See the PowerPoint below for important information on minerals.

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Bio Colloidal Silver 8 oz 200ppm glacial milk, minerals, rich in minerals
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Bio Water Bio Water
Item #: 12 - Concentrated Colloidal Minerals ready for biological use Bio Colloidal Silver aka, nano silver meaning small particles, or micro particles on a nano scale sized silver particles, is measured in nano meters (nm). Medical science has now shown it to be as a...
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