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Bio HYDRATING Arnica Gels

Our 33 year old HYDRATING GELS are a unique combination of multi-skin nutrients and healing herbs, the king of all which is Arnica.

Bio Arnica Hydrating Gel is capable of holding the high ph of our Bio Water suspended in gel form, thereby allowing a greater concentration of Bio Water and Arnica to be applied to one location together with the deep penetration into the skin for faster healing and pain relief.

The Hydrating Bio Arnica Gel combined with the Bio Water was formulated as a great pain reliever a quick healing of the skin.

We offer a variety of Hydrating gels, all of which contain the herb Arnica.

The herb Arnica working with the Bio Water catalyst, is unique because of its ability to quickly penetrate under the skin and does wonders for 'ALL LIFE'.

The Hydrating Bio Arnica Gel was shortly added upon, to create our famous Bio Equi Hydrating Gel which contains Arnica for all purpose healing and pain relief in the animal world.

The Hydrating Arnica Gel in our Equi animal formula has become extremely popular with human use too and is available in a large 16 oz jar with a delightful cinnamon fragrance.

The Hydrating Bio Ice with Arnica is very popular with all sportsmen and those suffering from aches and joint pains because of its quick release of the Bio Water concentrate combined with the healing herbs more particularly Arnica, Origanum, Eucalyptus, and MSM crystals.

Try It, You'll Like It!.

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Bio Equi Gel with Arnica 16 oz
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Bio Water Bio Water
Item #: 9 - This fantastic product was originally designed for horses but has shown to be highly effective on all animals large and small and has been used worldwide. The formulation includes the Bio Water...
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